Driving Sales

Digital billboards offer advertisers the ability to change messages frequently, expose eye-catching content, and high visibility day and night. As we continue to find that digital marketing changes the landscape of advertising, DOOH will continue to scale and make exciting and lasting impressions leading to more sales.

We don’t make sales, we build relationships. Jalal KhanfourChief Commercial Officer
Digital billboards
As people tend to spend more time out of their homes, OOH helps by locating your ads in the places where the consumers are the most. It helps the brands by directly engaging with the consumers and lead them directly to the point of purchase.
Eye-catching OOH content/promotions deliver messages to the public/consumers when they are in a decision-making mood - the last window of the consumer’s buying journey is given by OOH. AlArabia offers effectiveness for the brands online and offline through its DOOH services. Those services generate the brands with more engagement and reach by offering WIFI services, QR codes, dynamic content, and studying the consumers’ geographics, demographics, and psychographics.