Gaining Brand Fame

We reach and target the groups the advertisers want the most: young, urban, affluent consumers!
On-the-go, digitally connected and highly social, these consumers see the most of OOH advertising and take actions as a result. Not only do they pass on messages via word of mouth and on their social media platforms, they also carry out more mobile searches after seeing an OOH ad than any other media does.

We ensure brands the fame they aim to achieve through our latest technology & state-of-the-art billboards. Due to our unlimited exposure across Saudi Arabia, our solutions deliver the opportunity to rapidly reach a wide mass audience enhancing the ability to build mental images for brands.

The quality we offer is high, enabling the brands to be more acknowledged by the public.

There is no seasonality to OOH!

Outdoor advertising is always effective in building high awareness levels for both new and established brands.