Measurements and audience insights

AlArabia outdoor advertising selected STREACH by Seventh Decimal to be the exclusive platform for measuring its inventory of billboards across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enabling a specialized data science analytics in the OOH industry for the first time in the Kingdom.

STREACH is a database inventory providing detailed information on every OOH asset across main cities in KSA. It is the technology backbone that standardizes, automates and induces transparency of OOH marketplace.

Each screen has its own methodology of metrics to be analyzed. AlArabia's clients today have the capability to scientifically measure exposure of their OOH campaign (pre, during and post campaign) upon their request.

The tool measures reach, frequency, engagements along with providing demographic and behavioral audience insights of the campaign. In terms of geographic and audience effectiveness, the report can be processed to render results focusing on specific residential areas, streets, or audiences that might be relevant to out-of-home advertisers.