Providing smart services to elevate the experience of citizens & tourists.

Modernity & Connectivity
AlArabia provides unlimited free WIFI for the public in the cities to accommodate a more suitable experiences and a better lifestyle.

City Guide “The guide”

Our newest innovation “The Guide” helps each and everyone living and visiting the city with new features and technologies that fit the new generations’ vision. It offers an advertising banner with outstanding formats such us QR code, free WIFI provided and supported by AlArabia, weather forecast, date and time updates, daily news and announcements, places to visit in the city and bilingual accessibility mode to accommodate people of determination.

Street furniture

AlArabia provides the people living and visiting the cities with a wide range of products and services that meet their needs such as interactive screens information panels, newsstands and streetlights. etc. Our street furniture is designed to work in harmony with the city and have consistency with the surroundings. As people in the cities have different interests, AlArabia provides each individual with their needs whether in the shopping malls or cities. We adapt our screens based on what the consumer wants to see and on what they exactly need.