AlKhereiji: “We strive to provide community service campaigns in a creative way to reach the largest possible segments of the population.”

AlArabia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, launched an awareness campaign on prostate cancer, titled “Manhood is a Responsibility.” AlArabia has promoted the campaign in various streets in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, TV channels, and social media platforms.

“We launched the campaign to activate AlArabia’s social responsibility programs, and to complement the efforts of its team of creative Saudi youth who introduce the concept of launching community campaigns in an untraditional style to reach the largest possible segments of the population. Our campaign aimed at raising the awareness on prostate cancer, the most common type of tumor affecting men. Studies have shown that one in six men suffers from prostate cancer, and that people who have this type of cancer do not develop symptoms until after the age of 50, where their conditions worsen, leading to their death”. Mohamed bin Abdulelah AlKhereiji, CEO of AlArabia said.

He added that “Through this awareness campaign, we aim to encourage people to consult a doctor once any of the symptoms is observed, conduct early examination, and further the interaction and interest of the community in this disease by producing a campaign teaser advertisement that is surprising to community population segments and questioning them on what manhood means for them. AlKhereiji confirmed that manhood is a responsibility, and that health is the top priority of responsibilities. AlArabia has also published a prostate cancer slogan that is similar to the breast cancer awareness slogan” in order for prostate cancer to be remembered as like as the breast cancer.

It is worth mentioning that the campaign realized a high reach level throughout the Kingdom and social media influencers were actively engaged in the campaign to achieve Al Arabia’s goal in raising the community awareness and disseminating the early detection culture.