Boulevard Square

Boulevard Square, a place of entertainment and social interaction, where the landscape and decor that transports you to a world unlike your own, and where an unrivaled mix of shops, restaurants and recreation lets you discover something new with every visit.


Main Events

An ad-tech advanced concept enabled by a smart signage solution that helps unlock the full value of these iconic digital assets. Imagine a spectacular, joyful, colorful showcase for advertisers.

In the heart of the city of innovation and imagination, in the heart of RUH Boulevard, the major hub of entertainment in Saudi Arabia and specifically the main landmark of Riyadh Season. So bright it can be seen from outer space!

These screens hosts the most iconic animations and visuals for top brand names and witness hundreds of events, live TV coverage, more than 100k visitors per day and millions of social media impressions!

The screens covers a surface area of 6069.6 meter square with 4K+ LED technology.

Full Takeover shows