AlArabia for all

Corporate social responsibility is a social and national right that AlArabia accounts for and cares about. We strive to be the pioneers by serving the community, developing initiatives that help with the sustainable development, and contributing to the 2030 vision.



World Civil Defense Day

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud, the Governor of Riyadh Region, honors CEO Mohamed Al-Khereiji for AlArabia Company’s sponsorship of the General Directorate of Civil Defense campaign, “With technology, we seek to protect you.”

AlArabia Gift Campaign

On the 90th Saudi National Day, AlArabia launched a campaign across the country to support 90 startup businesses to overcome the limitations caused by Covid-19. AlArabia allocated 18 million Saudi Riyal to be distributed among the 90 winners.

Biggest Art Gallery in The World

AlArabia launched the biggest art gallery in the world on its billboards across the country to support young Saudi artists. The campaign helped raise awareness of hundreds of Saudi artists and thousands of artworks. It won six international awards and created international buzz.


Prostate cancer has been steadily increasing in KSA as men avoid getting themselves checked. Therefore, AlArabia redefined manhood through a CSR campaign to encourage men to get themselves checked. The 360-campaign revealed that manhood means being responsible towards one’s family and health. It created buzz and raised awareness which led to a significant increase in early checkup numbers. The campaign caught the attention of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health in which they offered their support.


Zahra Association honors AlArabia Company

Zahra Association honored AlArabia Company for its sponsorship and support of Zahra campaign during October, have been held to raise awareness about breast cancer, its risk factors, and the importance of early detection for better treatment outcomes.

Children's Cancer Support Association honors AlArabia Company

Children’s Cancer Support Association honored AlArabia Company for its support during 2023.

Supporting the Children with Disability Association

Children with Disability Association honored AlArabia Company for its support during 2023.

CSR Campaigns 2024

CSR Campaigns 2023