Connecting brands with audiences

One of the most important segments in out-of-home advertising is connecting the audiences with the brands. In AlArabia, we offer brands direct engagement with their consumers.



Out-of-home media is growing tremendously and is dominating the media industry. To achieve cut-through, AlArabia is continuously creating new methods to connect the public with the brands.

Due to the growth of urbanization, people are interacting more with out-of-home advertising formats. Brands have shown their embrace for digital OOH advertising by understanding audience movement to optimise campaigns, connecting content to real-world conditions, and even buying the media programmatically using digital platforms.

Over the years, we have worked hard to build a comprehensive system of solutions for advertising services, in an effort to provide a high-quality product of international standards.

Mohamed AlKhereiji
Chief Executive Officer

Brands convey their messages knowing that people spend most of their times out of home and knowing that it is the only advertising medium where people can’t skip through an ad.

OOH provides high frequency coverage, improving the opportunity to consistently and continuously deliver a message at regular touch-points.