AlArabia is at the forefront of innovation.


AlArabia has never stopped innovating since it has been founded, and has started with street furniture, live-touch screens, bus shelters, self-cleaning toilets, etc. The story is not only about developing something new and original, but it’s also about taking what’s already there and making it much better. That’s what we do best.

In a complicated, fast-moving world, where brands no longer dominate the conversation and consumers now hold enormous sway, innovation matters because it’s the common language you and your customers speak.

Noura AlArji
Director of Marketing, Products, and Innovation

Enhancing the environment and building smart cities are our main pillars. We adapt to generational changes and user behavior easily and anticipate new forms of usages to meet the public’s needs and create sustainable solutions. We use high end technologies while collaborating with top notch solution providers to create, innovate and design new structures.