Al Arabia Won the Construction and Operation Competition of Outdoor Advertising in Eastern Province For 10 Years

Al Arabia announced the winning for the construction and operation competition of billboards in Eastern Province specifically in (Dammam, Khobar, and Dhahran) on Wednesday, June7th, 2023, which was offered by Eastern Province Municipality.

That includes different mediums and sizes of digital outdoor billboards in cities within the municipality region. Including two digital zones, whiteboards, buildings under construction, city landmarks, and advertising screens on building facades.

Al Arabia aims to develop the outdoor advertising sector in the Eastern Province in line with the identity of each city and its economies following the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. In addition to adopting the latest billboard technologies in support of the Eastern Province municipality efforts in developing the investment system and revenue. Also, Al Arabia seeks to contribute by creating an added value to the region, enhancing its urban landscape, and give an aesthetic dimension to its streets through innovative advertising to keep pace with the latest changes in the sector. In addition, to enabling digital transformation, applying the concept of smart cities, and developing city resources in a way that contributes to achieving financial sustainability.

Eastern Province municipality succeeded in launching a group of investment projects with more than 2 billion Riyals total revenue that reflects the attractiveness of investment in the region. It also achieved distinction and first place in the municipal sector in the investment and financial sustainability system, and several awards for services and facilities provided to investors and entrepreneurs by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, and Monshaat authority. The investments of Eastern Province municipality witnessed an attraction of a group of distinguished investors from inside and outside of the Kingdom as a result of the series of investment services and facilities provided by the municipality until it became a model for the investment system.