Engaging Consumers

Out of home advertising reaches and engages with a diverse audience, thanks to Al Arabia variety of formats and endless opportunities – from roadsides to highways and retail spaces. Due to its smartest technology, AlArabia’s mediums enable brands to form a real-life interaction and a dialogue with the consumer.



OOH is in a prime position to catch people when they are in a more absorbent state of mind. By delivering all these desirable and lucrative audiences to advertisers at scale, OOH gets the brand seen and remembered.

Based on people’s growing demands and the increase in spending more time out of home, brands can engage with consumers through AlArabia screens at the right time, in the right place!

AlArabia offers the ability for bands to interact with their consumers directly. It also shows consumers what they want based on their psychographics. AlArabia offers QR scanning methods, direct interactions, and links the consumers with the brands directly. Ever since OOH started in 1975, it has offered an added value above all advertising methods to the urban environment. It enables communication and increases brand interpretation.