In celebration of KSA’s 91st National Day, Mr. Mohamed AlKhereiji, CEO of AlArabia, announced a national initiative led by AlArabia in cooperation with its partners and clients, to stop all outdoor advertisements on AlArabia billboards across the Kingdom to be adorned with phrases and slogans dedicated to this occasion, along with projecting the sword and palm logo on all the billboards.


The initiative aims to enhance the role of the private sector in promoting social responsibility and stimulating the sense of patriotism and belonging among individuals to participate in this dear memory to everyone’s hearts.


The CEO announced the initiative through his personal Twitter account saying, “On the occasion of the 91st National Day, commercial advertisements will be stopped on our screens across the Kingdom, and our advertising partners will be prompted to replace them with messages and promotions dedicated to this dear occasion”.


AlArabia is a leading national company in the Out-of-Home advertising industry, and it has more than 19,000 advertising billboards that shine in most regions of the Kingdom.


AlArabia highlights the important role of our success partners in the regional municipalities through their continuous and ongoing support in developing and facilitating everything related to the outdoor advertising industry in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the digital development that the Kingdom is pursuing to be in tandem with the advanced world countries in all fields.


AlArabia is also extending its special thanks to the Riyadh Municipality for its continuous cooperation and efforts in overcoming obstacles and its unlimited quest to make Riyadh a smart digital city.