Memorandums of understanding were signed this Sunday noon time in Cairo between the United Media Services (UMS) Company on the one hand and AlArabia Outdoor Advertising (“AlArabia”) and the MBC Group (“MBC”) on the other hand.

The conference, which was held in one of the major hotels in Cairo, witnessed the execution of two memorandums of understanding. AlArabia and UMS signed the first MOU on the development of outdoor advertisement in Egypt, utilizing top notch technology in this industry.

The second MoU signed between MBC and UMS provides for the cooperation between the two entities in three areas the first of which is doubling the joint efforts to face hacking and the provision of the technological resources required to combat this negative phenomenon.

The cooperation in the second area aims at producing major dramas, while MBC in the third field will obtain the rights to utilize and distribute UMS productions outside Egypt. The execution of MOUs was attended by Mohamed AlKhereiji, AlArabia Outdoor Advertising CEO, Sam Burnett, MBC CEO, and Hassan Abdullah, UMS Board Chaiman as well as directors of company board.