AlArabia Outdoor Advertising Announces the Launch of a Giant 3D Screen at Kingdom Arena

AlArabia has announced the launch of a giant 3D “cube” screen at Boulevard Hall, outside the Kingdom Arena, with the aim of showcasing events and matches directly to the public in case the stadium reaches its capacity. 

This giant screen is defined by high standards of quality and clarity, equipped with the latest advanced technologies, and designed attractively to provide an exceptional viewing experience for the audience. 

This new screen represents a modern addition to AlArabia’s products, which offer continuous creative solutions aimed at providing exceptional attendance experiences for its customers and creating an attractive atmosphere to achieve its entertainment goals.

It is worth mentioning that Boulevard Hall is a new area in Riyadh Season, built within 60 days with international technical and technological standards, covering an area of over 200,000 square meters and accommodating more than 40,000 visitors at once.