CEO, Mohamed AlKhereiji: “The development we seek is motivated by the efforts of the regional municipalities to transform into smart cities”.

Arab Digital Portal, the billboard of AlArabia Outdoor Advertising placed on King Fahad Road, Riyadh, implemented and designed by AlArabia factories in participation with Anfield, Inc., won the international award for being the best digital billboard in 2019 as part of DAILY DOOH’s Awards Gala held in London this week.

The award is one of the most prestigious and important awards recognized by international major companies and markets in the industry of digital billboards and an annual event for those who work in such industry. The winning of the award by a Saudi company is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed bin Abdulelah AlKhereiji, CEO of AlArabia said: “We are proud to win this award that has ranked a national company among the international companies. Our company deserves this award since we have engineering and manufacturing capabilities and experiences and a national youth potentals endeavoring to provide creative and new concepts in the out of home advertising industry,”

he added,“One of our priorities, is to invest in research and development driven by the efforts of the regional municipalities to transform into smart cities that harmonize with one of most important goals of municipal transformation program adopted by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs as part of Saudi vision 2030”.